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Something Genius

scribbles and drool

10 November
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a band called horse, a clockwork orange, adult swim, afi, anarchy, animation, anime, anks, anthrax, anti-authoritarian, aqua teen hunger force, army of darkness, art, asian chicks, atheism, b movies, beastie boys, billy idol, bjork, black, black metal, bruce cambell, cameras, camp kill yourself, carmine infantino, cats, celtic, charcoal, chasing amy, cheyenne, cigarettes, cky, clerks, cloves, combat boots, comic books, communism, concerts, cowboy bebop, cultures, cute big ears, daggers, dead speak, death rock, denver, devine comedy, digital art, dimmu borgir, doctor caligari, dogma, donny darko, drawing, earcuffs, eddie izzard, ethan hawk, evil dead, falling down, fallout, fight club, film making, flasks, foreign, foreign cultures, foreign films, foreign movies, foreigners, fraggle rock, freedom, full metal jacket, futurama, gattica, girls, great teacher onizuka, happy tree friends, home movies, horror/gore movies, hot pockets, independant film, independant films, industrial, ink and water, invader zim, irish, japan, japanese culture, jhonen vasquez, johnny depp, johnny knoxville, johnny the homicidal maniac, jude law, kevin smith, kgb, knives, kretek, love, mad max, making movies, marx, memento, metal, ministry, my crapy art, ninjas, nintendo, nobody, noir, oil pastels, old clothes, operation ivy, painting, peter pan, photography, playstation 2, punk, radio free satan, red, red elvises, requiem for a dream, rocky horror picture show, role play games, salt lake city, salute your shorts, sci-fi, sealab 2021, seppuku, sex pistols, slc, soilent green, son of sam, speed racer, stan lee, t.s.o.l., taxi driver, tears for fears, technology, techtv, the doors, the sex pistols, thrift stores, throcult, todd mcfarlane, true romance, true sounds of liberty, vampire hunter d, video games, vlad the impaler, world history, xbox, yoshitaka amano, zen's bistro